Hello everyone!


Just want let you know that just packed GNOME 3 for ZEN-mini and PCLinuxOS ! It’s working almost fine… Sended already to Texstar and hope that he will help with few problems that I have… (not big problems so don’t worry!)… Soon will be available for download !



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  1. Dean Says:

    How much memory does it use compared with GNOME2?

  2. siamer Says:

    hard to say for now. I’m still building it so I have mess in my system… I will try to make ZEN-GNOME3-test1.iso for testing than I will let you know about more details…

  3. PinkNinja Says:

    Gosh I still wish that Gnome2 DE will still available. :(

  4. Alex Says:


    When Zen-mini Gnome3 will be available for download?

  5. siamer Says:


    I’m still working on ZEN 2011 (don’t have too much time now). Art work is done (done by Archie and Timeth from pclos forum! and looks good :D ). I can say that for sure will be ready in that month :P still have few more packages to finish…


    PS. I think GNOME 3 is working really good so no point to keep GNOME 2 in repo (but it’s not depens from me anyway, we will see what Tex will do…) :P

  6. alex Says:


    Thanks for the quick reply. Still have 2 more questions:

    1- Will gnome3 work on on ati radeon mobility 7500 video card? I have an ibm t42 pc with this video chipset
    2- shall we be able to download zen mini gnome 3 for trial in case tex will keep gnome 2 in the repo?

    Thanks in advance.

  7. siamer Says:


    1) I think should be ok, because ATI have hardware acceleration in PCLOS/ZEN… GNOME3 using hardware acceleration for gnome-shell, so I’m thinking to leave drivers on livecd (will take a lot of space! – still thinking about that…)
    2) I’m still working on GNOME 3 with slax so hope will be ready soon. Didn’t have to much time in last few days to finish it… I think that in our repo GNOME 3 will show up after Mandriva do that first :P But as soon as I will finish everything with GNOME 3 I will set up own repo (so don’t worry about that…) :)


  8. imz Says:

    Mam pytanie czy w PCLinuxOS nadal będzie dostępne normalnie GNOME 2 ??

  9. siamer Says:


    Tak naprawde to zalezy od Texa a nie ode mnie… jego distro, jego decyzje… moim zdaniem powinien zostawic na jakis czas GNOME2 ale… tak naprawde GNOME 3 jest naprawde przyjemne i chodzi naprawde ladnie wiec mysle ze przesiadka nie powinna byc taka straszna… ;) Wszystkich czeka przesiadka na G3 i tak i tak wiec nie wiem czy jest sens to opozniac… ja moge szczerze powiedziec ze jak narazie jestem naprawde zadowolony z GNOME 3 i gnome-shell – ale to tylko moja opinia!


  10. Carlos Felipe Araújo Says:

    Hi, moj przyjaciel, can you improve the artwork? The resolution of icons looks horrible (Phoenix XFCE brings Faenza :D ).
    And this cursor is ugly, I guess black oxygen cursor is better.

    “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”(New York University)

  11. siamer Says:

    Hi Carlos. It’s my last release anyway so hope person who will continue my work will change few thinks for better ;) I will try to release ZEN-GNOM3-test.iso as I promised and that will be it… Just don’t have enough time to continue work on it…


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