reviewed ZEN-mini 2011. Thanks for all good words about ZEN !Full reivew is here

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  1. alex Says:


    We are still waiting the gnome 3.0. Where can I get the iso for gnome 3.0?

  2. orangutan Says:

    Nie działa ten link z iso.

  3. siamer Says:

    link dziala bez problemu…

  4. Raymond Says:

    So, whats the situation on Zen and a new developer? Will you still be involved in the development of it? Will it even continue being developed after this release? Any news is appreciated.

  5. siamer Says:

    Hi. Situation is ok as I know ;) I mean that ZEN-mini will be still developing. Ofcourse that I will help any time when I can making new release/testing/advicing, etc. There is one new release already that you can find on – this is our friend forum zen-mini/pclinuxos-gnome. Any help, advice and suggestion you can write there. Website is a liitle bit not updated but for now I don’t have to much time. New developer will continue ZEN-mini and in case if he will not than I will do that. At least one release every year will be ready – that I can guarantee ! Eveyry update will be available by synaptic – Texstar working hard to get new packages for PCLinuxOS and PCLinuxOS based systems.
    So as I said new release of ZEN is released on linuxgator forum but there is no point to install it if your system working fine because it’s only fully updated my last version – more infor about that release you can find on that forum…


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