Just want let know everybody who is interest that on the bigging of new year will be available new version of ZEN-mini for 64bit cpu with GNOME 3…




4 Responses to “x64 version with GNOME 3”

  1. Caesar Gunasingh Says:


    thats a great news……

    would love to switch to gnome 3 from existing pclinuxos 2011 kde…..

    thanks for packaging gnome3…i prefer gnome 3 over kde…

  2. siamer Says:

    good to hear that some people like GNOME 3, I like it as well ;) As soon as I will start work on that will let you know with new post, but I think betwen january and february will be ready!


  3. Salvatore Tasca Says:

    A very good new, Siamer!
    We all are waiting for your 64 bit relase.
    It’s great thing, for us, to have a 64 bit ZEN-mini masterpiece.
    Thank you very much from Italy!

    Have a nice year.

  4. siamer Says:

    Hi Salvatore.

    ZEN 64bit is almost ready… ! Have to polish/test few more thinks and will be ready to go…
    Thanks! I wish you a good year as well…


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