Just want let you know that I just finished work on first test ZEN-mini x 64 with GNOME 3 2012.1
here is link do download: http://i.minus.com/1327887634/6FVSFN6oxu_q02YX-Tel0Q/dCYvJqmKQ6WSO.iso
if someone can mirror that would be great!


http://tyruiop.eu/~melodie/Downloads/ISOS/Gnome/zen-mini-x64-2012.1.test2.iso ISO
http://tyruiop.eu/~melodie/Downloads/ISOS/Gnome/zen-mini-x64-2012.1.md5sum MD5SUM


http://download.tuxfamily.org/pclinuxosfr/isos/Gnome/zen-mini-x64-2012.1.iso ISO
http://download.tuxfamily.org/pclinuxosfr/isos/Gnome/zen-mini-x64-2012.1.md5sum MD5SUM


known bug:
used gdm2 because gdm3 have problem with finish-install script… but gdm2 have problem with shutdown plymouth so after installing the best choice is just change gdm-legacy on gdm by synaptic! will work on that leter..


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  1. Salvatore Tasca Says:

    Thanks a lot, Siamer!
    Can I see this ISO lika a final relase? Or you are more pleased to see it as a testing-relase?
    Have a nice day, Siamer!

  2. siamer Says:


    I think that is final release. Have small bug as I said (gdm problem) and that will be fixed in next release but will take a while probably… after February again I will not have to much time to play with iso so I will try to fix that problem and others if will be find in free time for next release but it will be after few months…


  3. Salvatore Tasca Says:

    Encountered some problems, Siamer. First, the LiveCD told me that my Graphic Divers isn’t good for Gnome3 and start the same, but no-Gnome3… I can install the same and, after installation, I can’t reboot… Sorry: I reboot, but screen was black and black remain the same. No words, nothing… My Hard Drive work frenetically, but nothing happens… Maybe I was no-patient, because… I try to install, on same partitions, the PCLinuxOS 2012 LXDE-mini x86_64, and… No problems for Ghraphic Driver, no problem about LXDE support, but… when I reboot, same story: Hard Disk works a lot and screen was black. But not totally black: I can read some words, like:
    pci_root PNP 0A08:00: address space collision:host bridge windows…
    And more words, number, etc… that I don’t remember on this moment.
    Can this “error message” help you to find the real problem? I hope yes, of course.
    Maybe, if I stay to see my black-screen on ZEN-mini boot, for 10 or 15 minutes, my ZEN-mini start. Same to my LXDE that really start after more than 6 minutes “black-screen” (with Hard Disk working very fast).
    Some tecnical details: my notebook is a Presario CQ56 187SL… Graphic Driver ATI Radeon HD 4250. My RAM is 8 Gb. Processor is AMD Athlon Dual Core.
    That’s all, now. Can it help you, some way? I home yoe, of course.

    Have a nice day.

  4. siamer Says:

    Hi Salvatore.

    I removed drivers for nvidia and ati from ZEN so most users who using ATI cards will have be login to classic gnome then have to install ZEN to hard drive and than install drivers by synaptic… I don’t have idea how is story with ATI drivers (never didn’t use them) but I see that on twitter Tex wrote that ATI fix problem with GNOME 3 (before just didn’t work)… with my nvidia card GNOME 3 is working fine…
    can you try set up again your card, not sure if that problem with zen or just ATI drivers…
    LXDE version have all graphic card drivers installed already…


  5. Salvatore Tasca Says:

    Hi, Siamer.
    Thank you. I next reinstall your ZEN-mini x64 on my othrer PC (Intel Graphic Drivers), so I hope to see more about the first-boot problem.
    A question (different and -maybe- a little OT), if possible: can you tell me were can be downloaded the PCLinuxOS Gnome ZEN-mini 2011.9 ISO?
    I have it. And it is on Majorana Server, but need some days (more than 2 weeks, maybe) for completing the work and have online all… In this moment, some italians are searching for that ISO, but online actually it isn’t…
    Thank you more for your good work.


  6. siamer Says:


    Just want let you know that PCLinuxOS 64bit and all repo is still in TESTING so by final ZEN-mini x64 I mean that my work on THAT iso is finished, not that this is final, fully working, without any bugs version… sorry for misunderstand if was some…


  7. Salvatore Tasca Says:

    Good news, Siamer.
    First: I have installed on my notebook your ZEN-mini x64 successfully.
    You was right: my ATI need the driver. And I have installed driver from Synaptic.
    Now, I have in my hands a ZEN-mini Gnome3 with 1724 installed packages. All work good, of course. only minimal things are not-perfect: for example, “Applications” and “Places” have non-translation: they are still in english language. But 99% is GOOD! My Wi-Fi works and System is stable.
    Why, yesterday, I have failed the first boot?
    Honestely, I don’t know! Today, all work good: today (same CD, same PC, same HD, same Partitions) I install and my first boot was successfully. Yes, I was in Gnome Classic (due the driver ATI absence), but when I installing the ATI driver (way Synaptic) and reboot… I have in my hands your Gnome3.
    Thank you, Siamer! It’s a good work. Really. I don’t understand why my first boot fail, yesterday.
    In a week we shall be ready and our hosting on Majorana Website will be open. With your ISOs: the ZEN-mini 2011-9 x86 and this ZEN-mini 2012 “test” x64…

    Have a nice week!


  8. siamer Says:


    Great to hear that it’s working ok with you…
    lomanager is not my so I’m just using one from PCLinuxOS. propobly soon will be some update and than will start work…


  9. niculinux Says:

    Dear Siamer

    Maube I’m very unlucky, bu I’m experiencing lots of problems with the latest zen 64 bit iso (test 2)

    to find out more please read, I’ve posted a topic in pclinuxos gnome forums:


    as soon as I will encounter more, I will post there so please would you care to check out that topic every now and then?, thanks, especially for your very hard work


  10. siamer Says:

    answer is on forum

  11. niculinux Says:

    Latest news for the community, I have solved my problems with getting my video card correctly working on zen mini 64 bit test 2 iso.

    For those who have an ATI Radeon mobility HD 5665 it was enough to install the lates drivers, tough they’re still not in the repositories.

    For details please to the link:


  12. Imre Rigo Says:

    Üdvözöllek Siamer , szépmunka a Gnome 3-ad. Jó erőt egészséget kívánok!
    Magyarországról, édes hazámból.

    Üdv:Rigó Imre (Ülü)

  13. Jymm Says:

    I installed the 32 bit distro on an older ex-XP computer. This is the Linux distro I have been looking for but had not found before now. It has a desktop environment, network connections and Firefox browser, along with the package installer. I can now build my customized system to what I want or need without a lot of clutter of things I will never need or use. Thanks for this disto. I have used PC Linux gnome since 2007.

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