If you looking for more info about ZEN-mini please visit www.linuxgator.org On that website/forum you can find new info about new version and get some help on forum!

ZEN-mini 2012.1 was my last release… But as I said newer version you can find on linuxgator made by forum members!


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  1. niculinux Says:

    hello siamer!

    I still look forward to zen mini x86_64, any chanches to see it in the early 2013?

    and I saw on linuxgator.org it’s avaiable a misterius gnome3x64_alpha3.iso….

    but where we could search for its features?

  2. edu.fx Says:

    hi. Can you tell me, zen mini 2012 has pppoe-setup or another similar installed by default ?
    I’ve tried zen mini 2010, i love it,but i could’t connect my broadband pppoe. (told me the package pppoe was not installed, and logic,i can’t install it if i ..can’t connect ! :|

  3. siamer Says:

    i don’t remember if is install, try on http://www.linuxgator.org people there will help you and maybe will make ISO for you with pppoe. they are making remasters on zen-mini 2012 and contunue work…


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